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Outdated maps

Was going to use this app but the maps havent been updated in at least 5 years. Old maps = unreliable information

Great Overall Experience

As long as you download the area before leaving, youll never be sore about the map. Great help, awesome maps. I almost hope to get lost so I can use it more.

Absolutely Useless

I have farms in Brown and Adams counties. Adams county has zero properties listed. This is supposed to be a hunting app and Adams county is famous for trophy whitetail. People travel from Alaska, Colorado and Montana (places known for outstanding hunting) to hunt whitetail in Adams county. I downloaded it to help me find farmland, but this app is completely useless.

Very nice if close to home

Works very well if you hunt in areas you always have good internet. If not remember to download those areas before you go, I am still figuring out how to download the areas properly so I save all the info I want. If you dont have Internet the app is pretty much worthless. Overall the app seems pretty user friendly but an easier way to download base maps and layers would help since the areas I hunt do not have any internet service.

Beware - Sunset clause

Beware Trimble has a sunset clause on their website that this app is going away next year. I have hunted with it for several years now. Too bad good app.

Greatest asset in the field!w

Knowledge is everything. HUNT App, is the greatest mapping source that I have ever used. The team at Hunting GPS Maps has taken technology to into the future and continue to improve the product. It is one of the greatest research tool in my tool box for hunting and even other outdoor sports in the field. There is so much that the user can use on a daily basis. Using HUNT App, Hunting GPS Maps and onXmaps HUNT you can become the winner in the field! Frank Biggs


I really want this app to use but I am not willing to pay a yearly fee. I dont see why a one time fee for the price they are asking isnt enough.

Property ownership is too old

This app would be much more useful if the property ownership was kept up-to-date. Its not very helpful when the information is 3-4 years outdated.

Awesome app

I used this app for last deer season. It was nice to know my boundaries for public land so I didnt cross into somebodys private land and it helped me find my way back to my truck when I got turned around.


Really liked the previous version better. Now when I am zoomed out all I see is property lines

PA Data is only a guide +- 30acres

I first bought this app to hunt in Ohio & I was happy with it. I thought I would give it a try in my home state PA. I found that the PA data for private parcels is not accurate. My hunting club is 114acres and when I click on our ground in the app it says 84. I contacted Onx & was told to contact the county assessors office. They use their data to create the private parcel maps. I called the county AO & they confirmed that we have 113.8acres. I contacted Onx to relay my findings as they requested. I gave them gps points & I was told their mapping team would look into this problem. I was treated professionally. After that conversation I was never contacted again. So is +-30 acres their tolerance on property over 100 acres? I then checked my personal property with the Onx app. My property corner was across the road(30ft right of way) into my neighbors drive way. I guess I own the road & cul-de-sac? I checked other private parcels with the same result. This app shouldnt be used to hunt near property lines at all. Unless you want a fine & the possible loss of harvested game. Good idea if it was accurate. It is only a guide at best.

Must have for Hunters

If you want to hunt a new state this fall, download the app and start scouting public land. Im heading to Colorado again for elk and am finding loads of great spots to hunt thanks to this app.

Great Tool for Realtors

We live in a rural area and are purchasing 46 acres and this app has proven great for locating the markers on this wooded property. Also used it to mark great house sites as well as where to put access roads to those sites! Our realtor was so impressed, he used my phone while walking the property lines and is going to purchase it for himself for business. Still learning it, but so far impressed!

Must Have

This app is a MUST HAVE if you hunt out of state and knock on doors for permission!! Great App!!

Great app to stay legal and out of trouble, very worth it.

First there is a learning curve to it, but not too bad. Play around in it an hour or so and you will be a pro. I have used this to keep from trespassing and from being in the wrong GMU. It is very worth in the long run. Also cheaper than a ticket. Just buy it and you will wonder why you waited so long.

A hunter must have

I have been using these apps for 2 years. This year I added 2 more surrounding states. They have help me locate public land that you wouldnt even know existed and have given me the ability to request permission to landowners for hunting rights. This year they added some awesome updates that include the ability to see how many Boone & Crocket scored game have been taken in the area you are hunting. How cool is that. I highly recommend.

Good app but not cheap

App is good but not cheap. Being able to see land owner boundaries is the best part of the app for my money.


It was to up load works better than I expect on my phone. It is nice to have it with me all the time

A must get.

This is one of the most used piece of gear I own. You wont believe how easy yet informative this app is. It will definitely up your odds.

Essential piece if the puzzle!

When not using my handheld GPS Im using my app. The best thing I have found yet is using it while traveling down the road. I have found numerous pieces of public ground I would have otherwise driven by. Download it and see what you have been missing!

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