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This is the second year that I have used the app. Last year it worked perfectly but the automatic renewal went through and charged me but I can’t use the app. It still has me at basic user. I emailed the contact us portion in the app and no response. If they can’t fix this it is useless.

Poor - Actually NO Customer Support

Purchased the App. They will happily take your money. Then, nothing works, set my password, they can’t find it, requested reset - 4 times- ZERO response. All support is automated so, your money is in there hands and you get nothing. Maybe this will get the leaderships attention and something will happen. Website is useless - unless you need a heart valve... OnX - where are you?

Great app

App works great and costumer services are very helpful would recommend to anyone definitely 5 star

Updated Review

I’ve been using OnX for years however the last upgrade to the new version we have recently had plagued me with performance issues and numerous crashes. Trying to delete data was brutal especially having 1000’s of points. After this recent upgrade I was able to see much better performance, no crashes as of yet but also I found one of reasons for the performance issues. I had a few thousands points from KMZ imported data, this was killing the app. However earlier on the only way to delete them was one point at a time ( not realistic) with the new ability to delete entire dates and groups it’s a huge benefit. Now with several hundred points the app is fast and operates as I would expect. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that I’d like to use it for a full season and then update my review. In all great work on the latest releases and I’m back to being a fan of the app. Thank you

Working really well

I used a hunt chip in my gps & now the app gives my phone the same capability. Highly recommended

Awesome Product

Worth the $. Customer service is top shelf!


This product is not only handy for hunting. We’ve used it to research owners for relic hunting as well as a pond to fish that you always wondered who the owner was and maybe how to contact them.

Worth the Investment

I'm not only an avid Hunter but also a realestate agent! This app has paid for itself in reducing the amount of time I've spent trying to research who owns what land! I've used many different GPS systems and the navigation on this one is far better than anything I have ever used. I highly recommend the OnX app to everybody!

Too complicated

When app first came out it was much easier to use now they have added so many features it is mind blowing. So if you like lots and lots of features then this is probably for you but for me I am not renewing.


You download the app and it’s a 7 day free trial then you pay afterwards. Don’t recommend

Best Hunt App out there

I own both the chip version for my home state, and hold a premium membership for another state. I must say first and foremost that the OnX team provides excellent customer service. They know their product, and they know how hunters want to use the product. I appreciate what OnX does for conservation and access to public lands too. This App really does transform the way you scout and hunt areas and has provided me with knowledge that is invaluable. Highly recommended!

Game Changer; Highly Recommend

Can’t imagine hunting without it. Helpful in finding and accessing those out of the way pieces of public land. The app functions super smoothly and is constantly receiving updates for further improvements.

App is awesome

This app is awesome especially if you hunt out of town and need to get in contact with someone with land you would like to hunt as well as every public land opportunity that is out there

Keeps Crashing iPhoneX

I love this app, but ever since I got the iPhone X it will crash 30 seconds into using the app. I looked for an update and didn’t find one.

So Valuable

I have been using onX since it was just a chip in my gps. It is not so much more convenient as an app and it just get better and better over time. It’s vital to my preseason and very helpful in the field as well. If I could make one suggestion it would be to let us customize the size and resolution of downloadable offline maps. I would really love to download a management unit at a time. It takes quite the time investment to do it 10 square miles at a time.

Private land

Just paid 29.99 for “premium” membership and still won’t let me select the private land layer on maps to see property lines and property owners.

This is the bee's knees!

I like the App. for stand location and tracking. Knowing where you are when some person starts telling you your on "there" land is handy, if they care to look at the app you can show them otherwise. Once the map quality is updated and maybe the 3D mode added it will be very hard to beat.

Great app

Was fun and easy to use

Need 4G for it to work.

Anything less than 4G and it’s useless. With 3G and 5 bars it takes 2-3 minutes to refresh each movement. Luckily I didn’t waste my money on it and was able to learn what I did during the free trial period. Oh. Also, the work offline function didn’t work either.


App continues to crash repeatedly


Anybody having a problem with the app crashing on iPad?


This app truly changes everything for you. The high quality multiple map graphics, tools for marking and tracker feature, ownership lines and marking as well as the customization of content is absolutely top notch. The fact you can save where you’ve been or are going on a map and go with no service makes this app the only way to go when hunting your private land, a local WMA or a National Forrest. If you hunt, hike or survey the land, you have to have the app. The price is unbeatable for the package you get. Highly recommended!!

Keeps Getting Better and Better!!

I’ve used this app for several years now and love the advancements the team has made each year. I love the ease of caching maps for offline use as well as being able to toggle between the three base maps (satellite, hybrid and topo). Very handy. And the customer service is incredible. Very quick responses each time I make an inquiry. My request for a future advancement, especially for the web version, would be the ability to tilt and rotate the view into more of a 3D view similar to Google Earth. That would be awesome. Keep up the great work!

Have to Login and create account-NOT FREE

False advertising Not free !!!

OnX Hunting App

The option to use the OnX Hunting App. along with the chip for my GPS gives me the options I was looking for when in the field and scouting from home. As a hunting guide, this mapping software is in valuable when dealing with checker boards of public and deeded land. Best mapping tool period!

Not Perfect use caution

The app is very helpful in determining areas of public land. Caution the app is not 100% accurate. In my opinion the app is 85-90 percent accurate. Many times I went to check a new spot only to find the land is private. I am not pleased the subscription is set to auto renew when you execute your first purchase.

Great hunting and GPS plus the added bonus of knowing property lines where you hunts or hike.


Best hunting app!

This is the most helpful hunting app. I used it all of the time to make sure I’m hunting on the right side of the boundary line. Amazing app! Keep up the good work onXmap team.

Best app

This is a 100% have to have in the hunting world.

Best GPS I’ve used

Best GPS I’ve used. Love this app. I even used it shed hunting last year. As long as the maps are downloaded ahead of time... this app works great going offline. Online kills the battery quick but I’d expect that. I would recommend adding a drop point for food sources, other then that. I’d say a must have app for the hunter!


One of the most used tools in and out of the field. It would be nice to be able to edit tracks. Such as being able to cut part or move part of the line. I drove off from my hunt and it tracked my whole journey home.

Must have!

Absolute must have app if you are a hunter. One of the most useful tools I have!


Love the app, especially after the updates! Really fast. Great customer service - very willing to help and keep me happy.


Best app out there for hunting. There are many layers that can be overlapped. Very easy to use as well.

Most productive app on my Phone

I hunt and sell land for a living. Hands down, this app is the biggest tool in my bag. It gives me so much information that I can put to use and actually make money from!!! It’s super handy here in the Midwest an an absolute must hunting out west. Thank you OnX for not only making a kick A product but for your effort in conservation and helping all us public land owners maximize our access to land out west.

Huge help for serious hunters

I started using this app early in the summer as I was beginning to scout multiple public land pieces in both Pennsylvania and Maryland. This app was pretty much a must have for me. I marked all kinds of waypoints and would not have known my way around without it. Download a hunt area ahead of time for use in the field when you have no service. This was the biggest help for me. Very easy to use also. If you are serious about hunting and scouting you need to look at this app.

Would have been lost still

Cannot express how much I appreciated having this tool whenever I got a little side tracked in the mountain. I can honesty say without onX Maps, I would have went through much more trouble finding my way out of the woods, versus using this app to guide me to where I needed to be.

One of a Hunter’s greatest assets

Hands down one of the greatest tools we can have. A lifesaver.

Everyday User

This app is great! I reside in Wisconsin and with the vast amounts of public land it really helps finding those spots to do whitetail, turkey and waterfowl hunting. Thanks for the great app!!!

Great for Work and for Play

I use this app everyday for work and to keep track of my hunting adventures! This app allows me the use property lines to help me find potential landowners for my job as well as help me track where I am on their property when I go meet with them! They are spot on with their property lines too. I also love that I can use it for my outside of work needs. I love this app and will always use it! Its so versatile! Must have and would highly recommend.

Hands down best app for hunting!

This is by far the best hunting app on the market! Helps me everyday scouting and hunting Waterfowl.

Best App and Hunting Aid

OnX Hunt is Hands Down, the BEST app to have on your phone, if you’re any kind of outdoorsman! Not only do you “know where you stand,” but it makes it easy to check distances, track your travel route, and mark and store waypoints! I never leave camp without my phone and OnX Hunt!!!

Great tool!!!

Best tool for the hunter that likes to get out away from everyone!!!

Best in class

OnX mapping software is hands down the best available. Great customer service any time there’s a question and an app that I rely on for my safety and it hasn’t let me down once!

Simply The Best!

If you’re a true Outdoorsman/Hunter this is a must have tool in the box. The amount of accuracy and detail OnX provides is second to none!


If you’re not using this app, you’re missing out. On X is a crucial tool to my success in the field. It makes contacting landowners a breeze, and finding property boundaries effortless. Maps can be used offline as well which is a huge bonus. You can view topographical and satellite views to map out your terrain for your hunt. Don’t be caught with your pants down on a piece of land you shouldn’t be on and don’t miss out of that trophy bull or that huge goose feed just because the land is private. On X has changed the game forever. Know Where You Stand!

Best hunting app ever!

This is the best app for hunting so many different thing you can do with it it’s awesome!

I wish I could rate it higher!

I just used onX for an antelope hunt in Oregon and it has completely changed the way I will forever hunt. I knew where ALL of the public land was and where we could, and could not, hunt. We ran into a man and his wife who were hunting the unit for the first time as well and we had asked him if he had asked the property owners first before he had set his groundblind up on their property. He said he thought it was public land...... and then he quickly scurried over and moved his blind. Buy it, and it will become as valuable and useful as your boots and weapon and you’ll never leave home without it!

Great app

Great app 5/5 stars!! Be 10/10’ if I could! Great and friendly customer service! Thanks from a team member of cervicide!

Game changer in public land hunting

I have been using this app for over a year now to hunt public land whitetails and recently to plan a DIY elk hunt on public land. This app has saved me countless hours and miles on my feet by scouting ahead and putting together a plan of attack. It’s seriously a game changer in my approach and confidence when showing up on new public land.

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